Wet Weather Photography Location in Sydney

Wet Weather Photography Location in Sydney

Just because the forecast isn’t what you expected, doesn’t mean you need to change all your plans. Rain on your wedding day is actually a sign of good luck for your marriage and (although we might be biased) it can make for some of the most spectacular wedding photos.

Here are our tips for what to do when rain and storms are forecast for your wedding day, along with some of the best wet weather photography locations in Sydney.


Whether it’s a drizzle, passing showers, heavy rain or an all out east coast low battering the city, we know any kind of rain on the forecast signals stress. We speak to many worried brides, grooms, parents and wedding planners who suddenly go into stressed out mode when the forecast looks like rain. We are, after all, living in a drought. Rain isn’t as constant as it was a few years ago, so we hope that when it does rain, it won’t rain on our special day.

However, even if there is rain on the horizon, try to let those worries go.

From our experience, the best ways to tackle a rainy Sydney wedding is to:


#1 Wet Weather Wedding Tip – Check with your ceremony and reception venues for any wet weather back ups

Some questions to ask them:

  • Do they have an undercover area for your guests to wait in?
  • How far is parking and taxi drop off points from the venue?
  • Can you still have your ceremony outside if you supply umbrellas for everyone? And does the venue have marquee umbrellas to shelter the bridal party and celebrant?

Most venues have an iron-clad wet weather back up option which is usually just as lovely as the outdoor plans you had. But if you still want to go ahead with the outdoor plans, don’t let a little rain stop you.

 It’s actually stunning to walk down the aisle with the whole congregation watching you from under matching umbrellas.


#2 Wet Weather Wedding Tip – Speak with your photographer to plan the best wet weather photography locations in Sydney

Some locations look simply stunning in a rain shower. And you can take advantage of the dramatic sky to create even more stunning wedding photos.

Some of our favourite wet weather photography locations in Sydney include:

  • The Rocks – the way the rain makes the pavement glisten while the grey sky reflects on the Harbour creates a magical feeling.
  • Wooloomooloo – running along the wharf at Pier One next to all those boats is something special.
  • Sydney CBD – dramatic skies, tall buildings and a shimmering footpath – what more could you ask for?
  • Balmoral – out on the island or just along the foreshore, the glistening leaves on the trees make this a perfect wet weather photography location.
  • Botanic Gardens – another dramatic spot, full of character and fun spots to shoot


#3 Wet Weather Wedding Tip – Be prepared with the right accessories

This is our list to help you feel in control and have the perfect rainy wedding day

  • Rubber thongs – keep your pristine shoes for the indoor sections of your day; when you’re heading out in the rain to grab those incredible photos, stick with rubber thongs that can get wet
  • Two towels – one towel can help brush off any grass, sand or mud that gets on your feet, the other helps dry them off without all that debris and can be used to dry off your arms and legs too
  • A bustling dress – if you’re the bride, don’t be afraid to bustle early. Walking along to photography locations can take a little time. So protect your dress as best you can by bustling it up. Your bridesmaids can always help undo the bustle to reveal the dress in all its splendour when it’s time to take the snap.
  • Umbrellas – now this is where we can help – you’ll need plenty of umbrellas to keep you and your wedding party dry. We have big, golf-size white umbrellas which look great against dramatic grey skies and standard size clear umbrellas which are perfect for a clean look.


We think wet weather wedding days are the best kind (but again, we’re probably biased). They’re not too hot, they produce stunning photos and add a drama to the day that is completely memorable.


Need advice for your rainy wedding day in Sydney?


Get in touch now. We’d love to help.

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