What's the forecast?

  • Cloudy with lots of rain

    Choose our Clear Wedding Umbrellas so any light won’t be diffused and to create memorable photos while keeping dry.

  • Partly cloudy, light rain

    White Wedding Umbrellas will keep you dry while making the most of the partly cloudy light conditions.

  • Partly cloudy, thunderstorms

    Choose our Clear Wedding Umbrellas to make the most of the dramatic weather and protect you from sudden downpours.

  • Sunny and hot

    White Umbrellas or Paper Parasols will shade you and your guests, preventing sunburn and overheating.

Why shop with Wedding Umbrellas Australia?

  • Quality

    Manufactured to our exact specifications, our umbrellas are made just for us. We import them and then check each umbrella before it goes out the door. 

  • Local Supplier

    We’re simply a family run business - we started in Lane Cove in Sydney and now run the business from our home on the Central Coast of NSW.

  • Flexible Shipping

    Whether you’re planning ahead or need umbrellas NOW, we’ve got you covered. Pick up, Express or Standard - choose what suits.

We're not some big company. We're just a small family business trying to make the run up to your special day a bit easier.