Sarah Spence – Australia’s Brolly Dolly

  • I love juggling being a mum, a copywriter and a brolly dolly while attempting to hold on to some form of sanity! 

    A cupboard full of 100 umbrellas (after an unexpectedly sunny wedding) led me to become an umbrella-preneur. I realised there was a gap in the market for affordable and gorgeous umbrellas available at the last minute (no eight week shipping timeframes here!). 

  • That’s why I started Wedding Umbrellas Australia – so I could get umbrellas to wedding parties, photoshoots and events, even at the last minute. 

    Over the past few years I’ve ordered larger and larger quantities of custom-made clear and white umbrellas from my manufacturer overseas. And I’m continually grateful for the positive feedback from panicking wedding parties when the weather forecast suddenly turns.