Stormy Wedding Photos | Inspiration for wet wedding days

Stormy Wedding Photos | Inspiration for wet wedding days

How to get the perfect stormy wedding photos

One for the photographers out there…

The threat of rain on a wedding shoot is always looming, but rain can also be a good thing. Have you ever seen the dramatic, editorial shots of stormy weddings? They look quite breathtaking - and we know we wouldn’t mind having the same stormy wedding photos that we see in the magazines.

Here are some of our favourite stormy wedding photos, and how to get the same results for yourself.


Make use of wedding umbrellas

Wedding umbrellas don’t only keep you covered from the rain, they also make the most stunning, creative, stormy wedding photos! Whether it’s clear, white or coloured umbrellas - you can play with the lighting, colours and raindrops to create some incredible results.


Take advantage of the saturated colours

In the rain, greens are greener, blues are bluer - and wet buildings have a certain shine and gloss to them. The saturated colours from the rain make for unique wedding photos that can really be experimented with in the editing process.


Stay positive

Even if you’re soaking wet and your camera is covered by a plastic bag - smile! Your client will notice if you are grumpy or upset with the results, and that will only translate that feeling to them - and no one wants an unhappy client! One of the most important jobs of a photographer is to make sure you are adding joy to the client experience, not creating stress.


Tell a story through your photos

The story of a rainy wedding is certainly one to be remembered, and you want to make sure you can tell that story through your photography. Encourage the couple to carry on as if it wasn’t raining, and you’ll capture some special moments. Don’t try to capture a different story of the wedding by not including the rain - you need to capture the real, raw moments that will have your clients thanking you for years to come.


Go forth and capture some epic shots!

We hope we’ve given you some valuable tips and inspiration on capturing epic stormy wedding photos at the next rainy wedding you shoot at.

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