Rain on your Wedding Day: Why it's the besy thing that can happen

Rain on your Wedding Day: Why it's the besy thing that can happen

You’re planning your wedding and you have *everything* perfectly arranged – your guests, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, location – the list goes on! The only thing that isn’t perfect? The weather forecast… it’s saying there’ll be rain on your wedding day.

You can’t move your special day, so why not embrace the rain and see it as a sign of good luck?

It is known that “a wet knot is harder to untie”, which sounds like a good sign to us! Enjoy the romantic and special atmosphere that only the rain can give, and don’t give up hope on your wedding day.

Aviva Samuels, owner of Kiss the Planner in Palm Beach, Florida agrees that a rainy wedding day is a great story to tell the grandkids.

“Everyone loves a good story, and if hurricane winds ripped your wedding arch down or a torrential downpour caused your updo to go south or makeup to melt, you can be the hero of the story that persevered and loved every moment of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.” 

And who wouldn’t want to be the hero of that story?


Why is it good luck to have rain on your wedding day?

  • An old wives tale says rain on your wedding day means fertility: Congrats, you will have a lot of babies! Rain is seen as a sign of prosperity as it allows the growth of vegetation. This was always a big deal in communities living on agriculture. If you have rain on your wedding day, expect a very large family.
  • Rain brings cleansing: Forget about the sadness or the tough times in your past. Cheer to new beginnings!
  • Rain means renewal: Rain on your wedding will (spiritually) wash away all of the bad things that have happened in your past. Wait for your fresh start and begin a new chapter of your life, with the love of your life.

Rain on your wedding day is not only good luck

If good luck wasn’t enough – here are some more reasons why getting married in the rain will make your wedding memorable.

  • The atmosphere will be more than romantic: Kissing in the rain is *so* much more romantic than kissing in any other weather – haven’t you seen The Notebook?? Plus, the sound of rain beating down on the roof of your venue adds a special touch. Drink to that!
  • You wedding photos will be one of a kind: Dramatic, perfectly lit and unique. You can play with wedding umbrellas, colourful rain boots, raindrop focus, and so much more! We know some photographers prefer to shoot in the rain as the results they get are next-level.
  • Wedding flowers last longer in the rain: Flowers are less likely to wilt in rainy conditions, it’s a fact! Humidity actually makes flowers happier, which means your decorations will look even more stunning.
  • Umbrellas look great in photos: With rain on your wedding day, you have the perfect excuse to buy wedding umbrellas. Wedding umbrellas are unique and super classy, and will make the styling of your wedding something special. Your rainy wedding will be forever in your heart, no matter what!


Rain on your wedding day won’t be stressful

What comes at the end of a rainstorm? A rainbow of course! Imagine looking into the sky and seeing a gorgeous rainbow on your wedding day – we can’t think of anything better!

If you and your guests are brave enough, you can dance in the rain, using the mud as your dancefloor, laughing at everybody’s splashing, and creating everlasting memories.

We hope you’ve changed your mind about a rainy wedding day: it is good luck, it will make your wedding photos unique and your “I do” even more romantic. If you still have a hint of worry in your mind, wedding umbrellas are a great (and affordable) backup plan – ensuring your day is literally stress-free!

Good luck and enjoy your day!

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